Substitution Method Calculator

Substitution method is a method which is used to solve the System of Equations for finding the value of unknown variables. In substitution method we find the value of unknown variable from one equation and then substitute this value in another equation to find the value of second unknown variable.
The Substitution method calculator is an online calculator which finds the value of two unknown variables from two equations. Substitution method calculator saves our time as we do not have to perform complex operations.
We just need to follow steps shown below to use Substitution Method calculator:
1.       Enter the coefficients of ‘x’ and ‘y’ and also enter the value of constant on right hand side in both equations.
2.       Click on ‘Solve’ button.
3.       The tool will calculate the values of ‘x’ and ‘y’ by substitution method and they will be displayed in “The solution is (x, y)” text box.
Suppose we have two equations 2x + 2y = 2, and x + 2y = 8, then
1.       Enter coefficient of ‘x’ as 2 and ‘y’ as 2 and constant as 2 equation (1), similarly enter coefficient of ‘x’ as 1 and coefficient of ‘y’ as 2 and constant as 8 in equation (2).
2.       Click on ‘Solve’ button.
3.       The result will be x = -6, y = 7 and will be displayed in “The solution is (x, y)” text box.
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