Worksheets of Special Quadrilaterals

Test your skills on Special Quadrilaterals by trying out Special Quadrilaterals worksheets. 1 Special Quadrilaterals worksheets available to gain expertise and excel in your grades. The worksheets on Special Quadrilaterals have been designed to offer a wide range of questions covering all details of the Special Quadrilaterals and are in compliance with the k-12 curriculum. Detailed answers will be provided after you have attempted the Special Quadrilaterals worksheet. Each worksheet will have around 10 questions and there are multiple worksheets available to try out.

  • Area of Trapezoid Worksheet

    1. Find the height of trapezoid whose bases are 7 inch and 11 inch respectively and area is 110 inch2?
      • 13.22 inch
      • 11.22 inch
      • 10.22 inch
      • None
    2. Find the area of trapezoid whose bases are 6 inch and 4 inch respectively and height is 4 inch?
      • 20 inch2

      • 22 inch2
      • 23 inch2
      • None
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