Rate of Change Calculator

In Algebra the rate of change is the Ratio of two variables that defines the relationship between those two variables. It is generally denoted by m = P(x) + Q(y), here ‘m’ is the Slope of the line and the P & Q are the coefficients of the variables ‘x’ and ‘y’.
The rate of change calculator is the calculator used to calculate the Slope of the given equation as we know that the slope of equation is same as the rate of change. The rate of change calculator is easy and simple to use.
The rate of change calculator has two text boxes one for the input of coefficients of ‘y’ and the other for the coefficients of ‘x’ variable.
The following steps are used for calculating the rate of change:-
Step 1:- Apply the slope equation formula to the given equation.
m = (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1).
Step 2:- Now enter all the required values of y1, y2, x1, x2 in the formula.
For example:- Find the rate of change of the given points P(5, 4), Q(3, 1)?
First of all apply the slope equation formula
Here x1 = 5, x2 = 3,
y1 = 4, y2 = 1,
Slope (m) = (1 - 4) / (3 - 5),
Answer = 1.5.
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