Properties of Trapezoid

A type of quadrilateral which is has at least one pair of parallel sides is known as Trapezoid. Some of the properties of a trapezoid are:
A trapezoid is a type of quadrilateral which has four sides and one pair of sides is parallel. When the legs of a trapezoid are equal then we can say that the trapezoid is known as isosceles trapezoid. Some other properties of trapezoids are base, leg, altitude, median, area, and perimeter. If two opposite angles of a trapezoid are not equal then the trapezoid is said to be convex quadrilateral.

Base – In the given diagram one pair of is parallel. Trapezoid is having two bases.
Leg – The two sides LO and MP is known as the leg of the trapezoid. It is not necessary that the legs of trapezoid are parallel. Every trapezoid is having two legs.
Altitude – The perpendicular distance from one base to the other base.
Median – A line which is used to join the mid points of two legs of a trapezoid. The mid segment of a trapezoid is also known as medians. It is equal to the parallel bases. Its length is denoted by m.
       m = a + b,
Where, ‘a’ and ‘b’ are the length of a bases.
The other properties of trapezoid are that when the lengths of the two bases are not equal then the then the height of a trapezoid is defined by its four side length by using the following formula:
             h = √(-a + b + c + d) (a - b + c + d) (a - b + c - d) (a - b - c + d),
                                                       2|b – a|
Where, c and d are also length of the legs.
Area – area of a trapezoid is given as,
        A = 1 (a + b) h.

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