Order of Operations Calculator

In an expression there are number of operations to be performed on operators they can be addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division so students often get confused which operations to be performed first, so Order of Operations to be performed is defined by BODMAS rule. BODMAS is the priority of operations to be performed. Here ‘B’ stands for brackets, ‘O’ stands for orders (powers), ‘D’ stands for division, ‘M’ stands for multiplication, ‘A’ stands for addition and ‘S’ stands for subtraction.
Order of operations calculator can be used to solve the expressions containing multiple operations, to understand the working of order of operations calculator we need to follow steps shown below:
1.       Enter the expression in text box “Enter an expression”.
2.        Click on ‘Solve button’.
3.       The solution will be shown in ‘Answer’ text box.

Like we take an expression (2 * 3 + 5 – 4), then
1.       Enter expression in text box i.e. is (2 * 3 + 5 – 4).
2.       Click on ‘Solve’ button.
3.       We get our answer which is 7.
So our answer is 7.
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