Inequality Calculator

Inequalities can be solved as simply as the Linear Equations with minor differences in rules of solving them. While solving the inequalities problems the inequality sign must be flipped whenever there is a multiplication or division with a negative number.

Inequality calculator makes the calculation simpler like other calculators. Inequality calculator is basically used for the particular process that is to solve the inequality problems. While solving the inequality problems some rules does not affect the answer and they are also followed while solving the problems with the help of inequality calculator.

  1. The same Numbers are added or subtracted on both the sides while Solving Inequalities.
  2. The switch of the sign and the change of the inequality sign both occur in same step.
  3. On multiplying or dividing both sides by the same negative number the orientation of the inequality sign gets change.

To understand the results shown by the inequality calculator some Notations should always be in mind-

  • p < q refers to meaning ‘p’ is less than ‘q’.
  • p > q refers to meaning is ‘p’ greater than ‘q’.
  • p ≠ q refers to meaning that ‘p’ is not equals to ‘q’.
  • p ≤ q means ‘p’ is equal or less than ‘q’ but not greater than ‘q’.
  • p ≥ q means ‘p’ is equal or greater than ‘q’ but not less than ‘q’.

To work on inequality calculator one just needs to put the expression that is needed to be proved, after filling the text box one can easily get the answer. Inequality calculator follows to solve the operations given in the text box.

To solve the inequality problems of absolute values the below steps are followed by the inequality calculator -

  1. First is the recognition for the positive or negative value.
  2. If answer is negative then the inequality operator is reversed.
  3. Then the final answer will satisfy both the answers.

For the arithmetic problems the same value is processed on both the sides in the inequality calculator to process ahead. 

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