Implicit Differentiation Calculator

The Chain Rule is a rule for differentiating compositions of Functions. The chain rule says that to first differentiate the function like “f [g(y)]” we first differentiate outer function i.e. f [g(y)] keeping inner function f’ [g(y)] unchanged, and then differentiate the inner function g(x).
Mathematically chain rule:
D f [g(y)] = f’ [g(y)] g’(y),
Implicit differentiation is a special case of this chain rule for Derivatives.
Consider the following equation:
p2 – 4 q = 0
Above equation contains ‘p’ and ‘q’, it is not easy to separate the variables. Here ‘q’ is an implicit function of ‘p’ similarly ‘p’ is an implicit function of ‘q’.
Implicit Differentiation Calculator is a type of calculator that is used to find the differentiation of implicit function. It has text space to take the Implicit Differentiation from the user side and a “Submit” button which on clicking shows the differentiation of the function.
Steps to use Implicit Differentiation Calculator are:
Step 1:
Enter the function.
Step 2: Click on ‘Submit’ button and we will get the solution.
Let’s take an example to use Implicit Differentiation Calculator:
Step 1:
Enter 25 x2 + y2 = 109.
Step 2: Click on ‘Submit’ button and we get the solution y’(x) = -25 x/y.
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