Dividing Monomials Calculator

A monomial is the product of non-negative Integer powers of variables or can say an algebraic expression with only one term. 
Examples: 23, 23x, -57,    5x²,   y²,   -5xy, or 2x²y²
In algebraic expressions and equations, monomials are separated by positive (+) or negative (-) signs.
Steps of division of monomials:
Step 1: Divide the numerical coefficients.
Step 2: Divide the variables (x or y).

(15x4) ÷ (5x2) =?
First dividing the coefficients we get, 15 ÷ 5 = 3.
Second dividing the variables we get, x4 ÷ x2 = x4-2 = x2.
The answer will be:
(15x4) ÷ (5x2) = 3x2.
Dividing Monomials Calculator is a tool or software used to divide two monomials.
Steps to use Dividing Monomials Calculator are:
Step 1: Enter the value of dividend.
Step 2: Enter the value of divisor.
Step 3: Click on “solve” button, the ‘Answer’ box shows the result.
Let us take an example to understand working of Dividing Monomials Calculator:
Step 1: Enter the value of dividend as 55x2.
Step 2: Enter the value of divisor as 5x.
Step 3: Click on the “solve” button, the ‘Answer’ box shows “11x” which is the result.
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