Distributive Property Calculator

Multiplication is considered to be distributive with respect to the addition operation. If there are three Real Numbers suppose ‘p’, ‘q’ and ‘r’ then the distributive property can be written for multiplication as:
p * (q + r) = p * q + p * r,
This property is also true for the real numbers p, q and r if they are written in the following form:
(q + r) * p = (q * p) + (r * p)
The distributive property is used in the simple solutions for the expressions and considered as the most general properties of mathematics.
Distributive property calculator shows the distributive property of an expression.
To use the distributive property calculator we need to follow steps shown below:
Step 1: One just needs to enter the expression given in the problem.
Step 2: After filling the needed text boxes click on the ‘solve’ button the result would be displayed.
Basically the distributive property calculator uses according to the distributive property that states that each addend is multiplied separately and then addition of products is done.  
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