Definite Integrals Calculator

A Definite Integral is an integral of a function ‘f’ of a real variable ‘x’ and an interval [p, q] of real line. It is the area of the region in the x - y plane bounded by the graph of function ‘f’, the x-axis, and the vertical lines (x = p) and (x = q), such that areas above the axis add to the total, and the area below the x- axis are subtracted from the total.
The integral sign ‘∫’ represents Integration. ‘dx’ indicates that we are integrating over ‘x’.
Definite Integrals Calculator is online software which is used to calculate the value of integral over a given interval
Steps to use Definite Integrals Calculator are as follows:
Step 1: Enter function which we want to integrate in ‘integrate’ text box.
Step 2: Enter upper and lower limits.
Step 3: Click on ‘Submit’ button and the result will be displayed.
Let’s take an example to use Definite Integrals Calculator:
Step 1: Enter function x2 * exp (-4 * x) in first text box.
Step 2: Enter upper and lower limits 0 and 1 respectively.
Step 3: Click on ‘Submit’ button and result will be displayed which is 0.0238093.
01x2 exp (-4x) dx = 1/32 [1 - (13/e4)],
                           ≈ 0.0238093.
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