Constructing Parallel Lines

When we have two lines, then we say that the two lines are parallel if they don’t intersect with each other and both lines are equidistance from each other. When the Parallel Lines are crossed by another line then the line is called as traversal. The parallel lines have same Slope.

For constructing parallel lines we have to follow some steps, we discuss each step one by one.

Step 1: First draw a Line Segment PQ.

Parallel Line Construction Step1

Step 2: Now take a Point ‘N’ which is on the line PQ.
Parallel Line Construction Step2

Step 3: Then draw a line RS which crosses the line PQ at the point ‘N’.
Parallel Line Construction Step3

Step 4: Then with the help of compass at point ‘R’ draw an arc which cuts the Line Segment PQ and RS at point TU.
Parallel Line Construction Step4

Step 5: Then with the same radius draw another arc on line RS at point ‘V’.
Parallel Line Construction Step5

Step 6: Then from point ‘V’ and point 'R' draw arcs that cut each other at a point and name it as ‘W’.
Parallel Line Construction Step6

Step 7: Now draw a line parallel to the line segment PQ which passes through the point 'W'.
Parallel Line Construction Step7

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