Complex Fractions Calculator

A complex fraction is a fraction where the numerator or dividend and denominator or divisor contains a fraction. Thus the complex fraction will be in the following form: 
(a / b) / (p / q)
Here a/b and p/q are simple Fractions and when we place a/b as numerator and p/q as denominator then it becomes a complex fraction.

Example: (1/4) / (2/3) is a complex fraction with numerator ¼ and the denominator is 2/3.
 Complex Fractions Calculator is a type of calculator or an online tool that is used to simplify the complex fraction. Complex Fractions Calculator has text space for input from the user and a ‘solve’ key which on clicking shows the simplified result.
 Steps to use Complex Fractions Calculator are:

Step 1:  Enter numerator and denominator for the first simple fraction.
Step 2: Enter numerator and denominator for the second simple fraction.
Step 3: Click on solve button and output text box shows the simplified complex fraction.
Let’s take an example to calculate complex fraction (1/8) and (2/7).
Step 1. Enter 1 as numerator and 8 as denominator for first simple fraction.
Step 2. Enter 2 as numerator and 7 as denominator for the second simple fraction.
Step 3. Click on the solve button and the output text box shows simplified complex fraction i.e. 7/16.
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