Antiderivative Calculator

Antiderivative can be defined as the operation opposite to differentiation operation or it can also be defined as indefinite Integration operation. If we find the Antiderivative of function f(x) then we perform the integration operation on given function f(x) that means ∫ f(x) dx = g(x), where g(x) is the antiderivative of function f(x). If we differentiate the function g(x) we will get back our original function f(x). That means d (g(x))/dx = f(x).
Anti derivative calculator is a tool or calculator which calculates the anti derivative or indefinite integral of the function you want to calculate,

steps for calculating the antiderivative using antiderivative calculator are shown below:

1.       First you need to enter the function for which you have you to calculate the anti derivative.
2.       Now click on the solve button.

Suppose we have a function f(x) = x, we can use antiderivative calculator for calculating the anti derivative as shown below:
1.       Enter the value ‘x’ in the textbox.
2.       Now click on solve button below the text box, we get x2/2 + c.
So here antiderivative of function f(x) = x is equals to x2/2 + C where ‘c’ is the constant of integration.
The calculator also generates a graph for antiderivative.
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