Adding Hexadecimal Numbers

A number system which is having the base 16 is known as Hexadecimal Numbers, it means it uses 16 symbols for representation of a particular value. In the hexadecimal form the number 10 to 15 are written in the form of alphabets from A to F.
10 ---> A ; 11 ---> B ; 12 ---> C ; 13 ---> D ; 14 ---> E ; 15 ---> F

While adding two hexadecimal numbers the following steps are followed:
  1. If the hexadecimal value is in the form of alphabet then replace it with its equivalent decimal.
  2. Add the two hexadecimal numbers by normal sddition.
  3. If the result of addition is or exceeds the value 10 then the equivalent of that value is placed.
Add the hexadecimal numbers 56716 and 89516
Addition of Hexadecimal Numbers
56716 + 89516 = DFC16

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