11th Grade Math

  • Math

    What is math? Math is a language from which most of the students gets fear. It can define, as the study of measurement, properties and relationship of quantities using Numbers and symbols. More precise, we can say that it is the study of numbers ... Read More

    • Number Sense

      As a child many have difficulty to understand maths. It may be due to the lack of common sense. There is a way through which the children can love maths by providing it the knowledge of numbers using real world examples. This is all about th... Read More

      • Absolute Value Function
        Absolute value is defined as the value which is equals to both positive value and negative value. Absolute value makes the negative number into a positive number. In absolute value both the real number and its negative have th... Read More
        • Absolute Value Functions And Graphs
          Absolute value is defined as the value which is equals to both positive value and negative value. Absolute value makes the negative number into a positive number. In absolute value both the real number and its negati... Read More
    • Analytical Geometry

      Analytical Geometry is the part of the Algebra. It is basically concerned with the points, lines, circles, and other shapes that are the part of the geometry. In analytical geometry points are defined as the coordinate of (x,y) and... Read More

      • Analytical Geometry in a Plane
        Analytic geometry is related to the Algebra which is used to model the geometric objects, and the geometric objects contain points, straight line, and Circle. Points are represented as a Ordered Pair in the plane analytic ... Read More
      • Transformation of Coordinates
        Before discussing the transformation of coordinates we will study what transformation is?
        Moving the shape to a different Position but the shape, size and area, line length and angle of that shape is same than this process... Read More
      • Polar Coordinates
        Polar coordinate is a method of presentation of points in the plane with use of Ordered Pair. This polar coordinate system comprises of an origin, pole, a Ray of specific angle and a polar axis. The polar axis is any line which initiat... Read More
      • Surface, Curves and Equations

        If we talk in mathematical terms, the surface Geometry deals with the plane and smooth surfaces. “Carl Friedrich Gauss” gave this concept. In this field the vital role has been played by the Lie groups. Lie groups defin... Read More

      • Tangents and Normals

        Tangent is a straight line which passes through the curve or we can say the line touching the edge of a Circle or curve at a single Point, and never crosses it, there can be infinite number of Tangent to a circle or a curve.

        ... Read More

      • The Coordinate Plane
        A coordinate plane is the rectangular plane formed with two number lines one is vertical number line and the other one is the horizontal number line. In the horizontal number line at left side negative Numbers are placed and at the ... Read More
        • Origin of Plane
          The Point where the horizontal axis and vertical axis meet is called origin of plane. We can easily understand this with the help of Coordinate Plane. A coordinate plane consists of two axes (plural of axis) and four quadrants because of... Read More
      • Equation of a Line
        The equation of a line in Slope Intercept Form is written as shown as: y = m x + c,
        Where ‘m’ is the Slope of the line which is also named as gradient of a line and ‘c’ is named as the y- intercept of the line.
        The parameters used i... Read More
      • Rectangular Coordinate System
        The coordinate system containing two axes that is vertical and horizontal with center as origin is known as rectangular coordinate system. These two axes also form four quadrants. In Rectangular Coordinate System axes are r... Read More
      • Coordinate of a Point
        A number pair which represents the location of a Point in two - dimensional space is known as coordinates of a point.
        Suppose we have coordinate of a point R (5, -9) then it defines the location of points.
        Where ‘R’ is the name a... Read More
      • Axis in Coordinate Geometry
        In the Geometry, the points on the plane are defined by using a pair of Numbers and they are called coordinates.
        Suppose we have a table, and the table has 6 columns which are named as P, Q, R, S, T, U and six rows are prese... Read More
      • Area of Polygon in Coordinate Geometry
        Polygon can be defined as packed or closed shape made by joining more than two line segments end to end. The sides of a Polygon never bisect each other. The Point where two lines meet is known as vertex of polygon.... Read More
      • Introduction to Coordinate Geometry
        Coordinate Geometry or the system of coordinate geometry has been derived from the correspondence of the points on the number line and real number. A very unique number coordinate can be represented on a number line a... Read More
      • Triangular Coordinate System
        A packed figure which has three sides is known as triangle. Here we will see some properties of triangle. In a triangle the corner Point is known as the vertex of a triangle. In a triangle three vertices are present.
        The di... Read More
        • Area of Triangle - Box Method
          A packed or closed shape which contains three lines linked end to end is known as triangle. It is a kind of Polygon. There are different properties which are given below:
          Three corner points are present in a triangle and the... Read More
    • Discrete Math

      Discrete Math has a wide application in the modern mathematics. Discrete mathematics is generally used in decision mathematics. In this mathematics, we study about objects, set and graphs. Before studying discrete mathematics you must ha... Read More

      • Functions in Discrete Mathematics
        A function in discrete Math named ‘g’ from the Set ‘P’ to ‘Q’ is a relation from P to Q that satisfies the below conditions-
        For each value of ‘a’ belonging to ‘P’, there will exist a unique value ‘b’ which belongs to ... Read More
      • One-to-One Correspondence

        In mathematics, the One-to-One correspondence or bijection or the bijective function is referred to a condition when all the members of one Set say set ‘M’ is paired with the members of other set say set ‘N’. Not even a sing... Read More

      • Sets and Relations
        The collection of perfectly defined objects is a Set. Sets and Relations according to their name bear different properties. Set theory was given by “Georg Cantor”. The collection of definite Numbers is termed as elements of Sets. Lett... Read More
        • Equivalence Relations
          Relation is a branch of mathematics which plays a very important role. Let P and Q are two Sets then a relation R defined from Set P to set Q, is a subset of P X Q. Relation can be denoted in the list form and in tabular form as we... Read More
      • Logic of Compound Statements
        A statement consists of one or more sub statements named as compound statement and these sub statements are connected by one or more logical connectives. As the name suggests a compound statement refers the statement form.
        ... Read More
        • The Algebra of Prepositions
          The branch of mathematics which deals with the symbols representation, vectors, specified Set of number, etc. with complete description is known as Algebra. Now we will study about the Algebra of propositions. Propositional f... Read More
      • Permutations and Combinations
        The terms permutations and combinations both have different meanings. The Permutation is an arrangement of items where its order matters. For example we can prove ML ≠ LM. For instance take any three names of your friends s... Read More
      • Mathematical Induction
        In Mathematical induction we find whether a given statement is true for all the natural Numbers or not. So the answer to What is Mathematical Induction is that it is basically a technique used to prove a statement or a theorem, or... Read More
        • Recursion
          Recursion is the process of repeating it-self in its own way. The term is very vast and has many implications. If we are taking about practical implementation of recursion we can take two parallel mirrors facing each other, now we will see so ... Read More
          • Solve Recurrence Relation
            Solving recurrence Relations is the method of analyzing the whole relationship of the terms with each other, tracking the sequence of Recursion and observing the progress. In mathematics there are many different ways of solving... Read More
      • Principle of Counting
        While dealing with the recurrence function we have to solve the function with different methods and approaches and we also apply some principles to solve them, here we have the basic principle of counting. That is if we have p ways... Read More
    • Trigonometry

      Trigonometry is that branch of mathematics which deals with the real life problems related to angles. Trigo means three sides, so trigonometry is basically a branch of mathematics which relates to the study of three sided figures i.e. tri... Read More

    • Algebra

      Algebra is an important branch of mathematics in which we deal with several types of problems. These problems may either related to constants or variables. It is an interesting part of Math, and in this we mainly concentrate on "how to solve Numb... Read More

      • Algebra and Functions
        If we have two Sets, and the elements of one Set is associated with the element of other set is known as Functions. Algebra and functions are very important for finding the Relations in the given sets. We can say Algebra is a branc... Read More
      • Polynomial Algebra
        In polynomial Algebra, we talk about the algebraic expressions which are formed by the Combination of different terms. We say that the polynomial algebra may include the study of the linear equations, quadratic equations and the cubic... Read More
      • Pre-Algebra
        In study of Pre Algebra, we come across the following types of problems and then we follow certain rules and patters to solve the Set of Pre Algebra, problems. Prealgebra includes the study of solving the mathematical expressions and getting... Read More
        • Quadratic Equations
          The polynomial which can be expressed in the form of ax2 + bx + c = 0, then we say that the equation is in the form of quadratic polynomial. Here we say that a, b, c are the real Numbers and we must remember that a <> 0, since if we ... Read More
          • Applications of Quadratic Equations
            Quadratic equations means an equation which is written in form of ax2 + bx + c = 0. In real life we come across many practical problems which are related to applications of our life. If we know area of Rectangle, and ... Read More
      • Composite Functions
        This is a simple process to combine more than two Functions with the help of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There is another way also to combine two Functions that is the composite functions.
        Composite function ... Read More
      • Rationalization
        Rationalization in Math is a process that is undertaken to make the fraction denominator real especially in the cases where we may find surds or complex numbers in denominator. Dividing any number by a Complex Number is not likely to be ... Read More
    • Algebra 1

      Algebra 1 is part of algebraic mathematics which can be define as Algebra 1 is a branch of mathematics in which we represent the components of a specified Set or the numbers by use of symbols, alphabetical letters to express general relation... Read More

      • Solving Equations
        Solving Equations is the process of finding the values of the variables or unknown quantities that are satisfied by the condition defined in the equation. An equation is described as the Combination of the variables and the values, ... Read More
      • Solving Inequalities

        An inequality is defined as the expression that does not have equality sign joining the terms, but has the less than or greater than signs combining them. The objective of solving inequality is to find all the possible solutions ... Read More

    • Algebra 2

      Algebra 2 consists of many topics which are especially included for students who are weak in maths as they are quiet easy. The topics under Algebra 2 are:

      1.  Equations and inequalities which consist of many principles like:

      Adding p... Read More

    • Precalculus

      Precalculus is a vast concept as it covers large number of topics and other concepts. Precalculus does not include topics from Calculus but it covers the topics and concepts which will be useful in calculus. Precalculus is studied from pri... Read More

      • Exponents and Logarithms
        In mathematics, logarithm is a function or a power function which is used to increases the number logarithmically. The Logarithm of 10000 to base 1000 is 4, because 10000 are 10 to the power 4.
        We can also write as: 10000 = 10 ... Read More
      • Vectors Math
        A Scalar quantity is a quantity which only has a magnitude like mass, temperature, light, etc. On the other hand, vectors in Math are objects that have both magnitude and direction. To represent math vectors we use an arrow having a line of... Read More
      • Complex Number
        The complex numbers definition can be given as any number which can be represented in the form: x + iy, where ‘x’ is known as the real part of the complex number and iy is known as the imaginary part of the complex number. But you must kn... Read More
      • Rational Function
        Ratio of two polynomial Functions is defined as a rational Function, where, a Polynomial is a finite length expression, made up of 3 basic mathematical operations( addition, subtraction and multiplication and non-negative exponents) wh... Read More
      • Precalculus Functions
        In Precalculus we study many topics which are Sets, real Numbers, complex numbers, composite and polynomial Functions, trigonometry, limits, vectors, metrics,  conic section, logarithm function, basic graphs, binomial theorem, math... Read More
      • Rational Exponents
        Exponents are those mathematical terms which represent number of times any number is multiplied to itself. Number that is multiplied to itself, is called as base and number of times it is multiplied is called its power. Rational expon... Read More
    • Calculus

      Calculus! many students get fear with this branch of mathematics as it is consider as one of the difficult branch of Math. The word Calculus is derived from Latin word, which means calculating something and used for counting anything. Calculu... Read More

      • Introduction of Calculus

        Calculus is the study of the Functions at a particular value or at a nearest time. To learn Calculus following topics should be studied in detail:


        ·Limits & Continuity



        To start up, we ... Read More

      • Limits in calculus

        Before talking about limits in Calculus, one must be familiar with few basic topics of calculus like Functions, range and Domain. These are very important to understand the concept of Math because these are the basics requirement fo... Read More

        • Limits of a function in Calculus

          In Calculus, limit of a function is an important concept and it is use to know the behavior of the function near any definite input. Limits have many applications in the mathematics. A limit tells how a function comes ... Read More

          • Laws of Limit

            To understand Limit in Calculus we need to learn various Laws of Limit. Limits have several different types of laws the very first law is constant law. 

            Constant law: Suppose we have f(x) =b (where f is constant for all x) then the l... Read More

          • Left and right hand limit

            Limit is a very old concept in the mathematics, and when we talk about Calculus, without limit we can't put any step forward. Limit of any function can be defined as the behavior of the function near a particular input. Let’s... Read More

        • Limit and continuity in Calculus

          The limit of a function is an interesting but a little bit complex concept where, it may be possible that we try to find the value in the neighborhood of the Point of a function because the value of the function does n... Read More

      • Differential Calculus

        When we talk about study of differential calculus, our primary objective is to study about the Derivatives of the function. Differential Calculus is the important part of calculus, in which we deal with the change of rate of quan... Read More

      • Integration

        Integration is widely used in sociology, economy, mathematics, electronics engineering and many other fields. Here, we will discuss integration in terms of mathematics, which is called as integral Calculus or integration calculus. In math... Read More

        • Integration Methods

          Integration is a part of Calculus, which means joining many small parts under certain area and it is a reverse process of differentiation. There are many Integration methods which are use for calculating integration of Functions, ... Read More

        • Definite Integral

          An integral with upper and lower limits is known as definite integral. We can represent a definite integral as shown below-

          q f ( x ) dx.

          Here p, q, and x are complex Numbers.

          We calculate the definite integrals in te... Read More

      • Comparison between Integration and Differentiation

        Differentiation and Integration both are main roots of mathematics and even mathematics cannot be imagined without differentiation and integration. Many important branches of mathematics are based on... Read More

    • Probability and Statistics

      Probability theory provides a structure or model of certain real world situations that provide very useful understanding and insight about making predictions.
      Here we are talking about the Statistics in mathematics. Statistics is the collecti... Read More

      • Probability

        In statistical mathematics we perform various tasks to accomplish the calculations which are related to the possibility of the event. In general aspect probability is used to describe the process of behavioral or logical estimation, which dep... Read More

        • Independent Events
          Independent literally means that the two things do not depend on each other. It means that both things hold an individual stand without any concern of what the other is up to. In probability, independent events Mean that the probabili... Read More
        • Random Variable
          A random variable is a variable which is concerned with random variable Probability Theory or we can say in Probability random variable are used for prediction of occurrence of events. Random variable can be defined as variable which obt... Read More
        • Binomial Distribution
          Binomial distribution is related to the Probability Theory in mathematics. Binomial distribution is discrete Probability distribution and frequently used to model the number of successes in a sample of size ‘n’ that is made by repl... Read More
        • Sets
          A Set is the collection of objects called elements of the set. When we talk about sets, it is the most elementary building block used in mathematics. Once sets are introduced  one can compare them, define operations similar to addition and multipli... Read More
        • Conditional Probability
          Whenever we deal with conditional Probability we need to have knowledge about the word probability. Generally people have a rough idea about its meaning. In our day-to-day life we came across statement like, probably it may rain ... Read More
        • Mathematical Expectation
          Study related to concepts of Probability and Statistics in Math is based on the fact that in a Probability distribution we determine either of the following:

          1.       Probability of occurrence of all arbitrary values of a Ran... Read More
      • Statistics

        Statistics is one of the very important and useful fields of mathematics. In statistic we study how to do the collection of data, then how to organize, analyze and interpret data. It is simply concerned with all these things and also involves ... Read More

        • Statistical graphs
          Statistics graphs are a ways to represent Statistics data in pictorial figure because numerical figures are more noticeable and easily intelligible, leaving a more lasting effect on the mind of the observer. With the help of these sta... Read More
          • Frequency Polygon
            A graph which is used for understanding the shapes of distributions is known as a frequency Polygon. A frequency polygon works as histogram; it is useful for comparing the Sets of data. A graph line is drawn by joining all the mid poin... Read More
          • Frequency Histogram
            In the statics, the information can be represented by the help of a frequency histogram. In the histogram graph the rectangles are used to show the frequency of data items in form of successive intervals. The independent variables of... Read More
          • Ogive
            Graphs are the best way to show the relationship between two variables. The frequency distribution graphs are frequency graphs and are used to define the characteristic which is more trust worthy than the tabulated form or other source. This frequ... Read More
        • Descriptive Statistics
          The descriptive statistic is a very important field of Statistics which tells us all the disciplines which are required for the collection of data. The objective of the descriptive statistics is to make the summarized data Sets. I... Read More
          • Measurability and Variability
            If we are performing operation on any statically data it many happen that we obtain result after performing two operations. Then it can happen that we get two different results for the same data then it is called as Statist... Read More
        • Descriptive Statistics Review
          Descriptive Statistic review helps in describing data in quantitatively form. Mean is the best descriptive form of the Descriptive Statistics .It is one of the most informative and accurate measure of the central tendency. ... Read More

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